The Dierya keyboard is generally considered to be a good budget option for mechanical keyboards.

The Dierya x KEMOVE 60% DK61, for example, is praised for its compact design, RGB backlighting, and programmable keys, and is compared favorably to more expensive keyboards like the Corsair K68.

However, some users have noted issues with the quality of keycaps and the feel of certain keys, such as the right Shift key.

Additionally, some models of Dierya keyboards, like the DK63N, are ergonomically designed for long-term comfortable use.

Overall, Dierya keyboards offer good value for their price point, but users should be aware of potential quirks and limitations.

Features of Dierya Keyboard:

The Dierya keyboards offer a range of features depending on the specific model:

Features of Dierya Keyboard:

Wireless and Wired Connectivity:

The ability to connect both wirelessly and wired offers flexibility in how users interact with their devices.

This feature is particularly useful for gamers or professionals who may want the convenience of wireless connectivity for certain tasks while also having the option to connect via a wired connection for lower latency or when the battery is low.

Compact Design:

The compact design of keyboards like the DIERYA x KEMOVE 60% DK61 is beneficial for users who have limited desk space or who frequently travel and need a portable keyboard.

Despite its smaller size, these keyboards typically retain essential keys and functionality while reducing the overall footprint.

Customizable RGB Backlighting:

RGB backlighting allows users to personalize the appearance of their keyboard by choosing from a wide range of colors and lighting effects.

This feature not only adds aesthetic appeal but can also help with visibility in dimly lit environments.

Mechanical Switches:

Mechanical switches offer a tactile feel and audible feedback, making them preferred by many enthusiasts for their typing or gaming experience.

Dierya keyboards offer a variety of switch options to cater to different preferences, whether users prefer a clicky, tactile, or linear switch.

White dierya keyboard

Programmable Keys:

The ability to program keys with macros or custom functions can greatly enhance productivity or gaming performance by allowing users to execute complex commands with a single keystroke.

Keycap Quality:

While Dierya keyboards may sometimes feature keycaps that are perceived as lower in quality compared to keyboards with PBT keycaps, keycap quality can be subjective and may not be a significant concern for all users.

However, high-quality keycaps can contribute to a more satisfying typing experience and increased durability over time.


Stabilizers are essential for ensuring that larger keys, such as the spacebar or shift keys, press evenly and smoothly.

Sturdy stabilizers contribute to a more consistent typing experience and help prevent key wobble or rattling.

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Dierya keyboards are compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, making them versatile options for users across different platforms.

Waterproof Features:

Keyboards with waterproof certification, such as the DK61E’s IPX4 rating, offer peace of mind against accidental spills or splashes.

This feature is particularly valuable for users who enjoy snacks or beverages while using their computer or for those who work in environments where liquid exposure is a risk.

Black DIERYA DK63 Keyboard


Anti-ghosting technology ensures that each keystroke is accurately registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.

This feature is crucial for gamers who rely on rapid and precise inputs during gameplay, as it prevents input conflicts and ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Best Dierya Keyboards:

The best Dierya keyboards are:

1. Dierya x KEMOVE 60% DK61 Pro:

This keyboard is highly praised for its wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, which offers users the flexibility to connect to multiple devices without the hassle of cables.

The customizable RGB backlighting adds flair to your setup, allowing you to personalize the keyboard’s appearance.

Additionally, its overall performance surpasses that of the Ducky Mecha Mini V2, as highlighted in reviews.

This makes it an attractive option for users who prioritize wireless connectivity, customization, and performance.

2. Dierya DK61E 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

This model offers versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks including gaming, coding, and general typing.

Its compact 60% design conserves space on your desk while still providing all the essential keys for efficient typing and gaming.

The customizable RGB backlighting allows users to personalize the keyboard to match their setup or mood.

Customer reviews praise its good overall performance, making it a reliable choice for various usage scenarios.

3\. Dierya DK63N 60% Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

3. Dierya DK63N 60% Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

The standout feature of this model is its dual connectivity options, allowing users to switch between wireless and wired connections based on their preference or situation.

The inclusion of arrow keys in its compact design provides convenience for navigating interfaces or games that require arrow key input.

The RGB backlighting adds visual appeal and customization options, while full programmability gives users the flexibility to customize key mappings and macros according to their needs.

Is Dierya DK61E good for gaming?

The Dierya DK61E is a good option for budget-minded gamers who are looking for a mechanical keyboard with some customization options.

Here are some of its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you:

Is Dierya DK61E good for gaming?


  • Affordable: The Dierya DK61E is one of the most affordable mechanical keyboards on the market.
  • Compact design: The 60% layout is perfect for gamers who want to save desk space.
  • Hot-swappable switches: This allows you to easily try different switches to find the one that best suits your preferences without having to solder.
  • RGB backlighting: You can customize the lighting to match your setup or create different lighting effects for different games.
  • N-key rollover: This means that the keyboard will register all of your key presses accurately, even if you press multiple keys at the same time.


  • Build quality: The Dierya DK61E is made of ABS plastic, which is not as durable as PBT plastic. This means that the keycaps may wear down over time, and the keyboard may not feel as sturdy as some other options.
  • Limited programmability: The software that comes with the Dierya DK61E is not as feature-rich as the software that comes with some other keyboards.
  • No arrow keys or dedicated function keys: These keys are accessed through a function layer, which can be inconvenient for some users.


In conclusion, Dierya keyboards offer a compelling option for those in search of quality mechanical keyboards at budget-friendly prices.

With a range of features including customizable RGB backlighting, versatile switch options, and solid build quality, Dierya keyboards consistently deliver on both performance and affordability.

Their attention to detail and commitment to meeting diverse user needs make them a worthy contender in the competitive keyboard market.

Whether you’re a gamer, programmer, or general user, Dierya keyboards provide a reliable and satisfying typing experience without breaking the bank.

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