Are you experiencing frustration with your Bmani earbuds not charging? You’re not alone. 

It’s a common issue that can occur for various reasons, but fortunately, there are simple fixes you can try before panicking or reaching out for technical support. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some easy troubleshooting steps to help you get your Bmani earbuds charging again in no time.

First Thing First:

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of Bmani earbuds and are already encountering charging issues, it might be worthwhile to consider exploring alternative options or seeking a refund to save yourself from further hassle.

Alternative options at similar price points, such as the “Apple AirPods 3rd Generation” or “Shokz OpenFit,” could potentially offer better performance and reliability, ensuring a more satisfying experience.

Typically, Bmani earbuds have a lifespan of around 3-4 years, providing good value for your investment if you’ve used them for this duration.

Attempting to fix the charging issues may only offer a short-term solution, lasting 1-2 months at best. Relying on temporarily fixed earbuds for uninterrupted music enjoyment might not be the most dependable choice.

However, if you’ve owned your Bmani earbuds for less than 3-4 years, you can try the practical fixes outlined below to address charging issues.

These troubleshooting steps aim to resolve common problems and potentially extend the lifespan of your Bmani earbuds.

How to Fix Bmani Earbuds Not Charging

Check the Charging Cable

If your Bmani earbuds are not charging, the first step is to check the charging cable. A damaged or faulty cable can prevent your earbuds from charging properly. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Inspect the cable for any visible signs of damage, such as fraying or kinks.
  2. Test the cable with another device to ensure it is working correctly.
  3. If you have a replacement cable, try using it with your Bmani earbuds to see if the issue is resolved.
  4. If the earbuds charge with a different cable, you may need to replace the original cable.

Clean the Charging Port

If your Bmani earbuds are not charging, one possible solution is to clean the charging port. 

Over time, debris and grime can accumulate in the charging port, preventing a proper connection between the earbuds and the charging case. 

To clean the charging port, follow these steps:

  1. Get a dry and clean cotton swab.
  2. Carefully remove all dirt and grime from the metal charging plates of the earbuds.
  3. Clean the charging case, paying close attention to the metal charging pins at the bottom of the case.
  4. Wait for the earbuds in the charging case to dry completely before checking if the process worked.

If your earbuds still do not charge after cleaning the charging port, consider trying other solutions.

Check for Charging Port Damage

If your Bmani earbuds are not charging, you should inspect the charging port for any visible damage or loose connections. 

If damage is evident, seek professional help or contact the manufacturer for further guidance.

Here are some steps you can follow to check for charging port damage:

  1. Carefully examine the charging port on both the earbuds and the charging case for any signs of physical damage, such as bent or broken pins, or debris that may be obstructing the connection.
  2. If you notice any damage, try cleaning the charging port. (as mentioned above).

Reset The Earbuds

If your Bmani earbuds are not charging, you can try resetting them to resolve the issue. 

Resetting the earbuds can help recalibrate the charging system and address any underlying issues. Here’s how to reset the Bmani earbuds:

  1. First make sure the headphones are unpaired from all devices and that bluetooth is turned off on your phone / device.
  2. Locate the power button on your earbuds or their charging case.
  3.  Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds until the LED indicator flashes.
  4. Keep the case open and wait for the LED indicator to flash in a specific color (e.g., blue, green, or red).
  5. After the reset, place the earbuds back into the charging case and check if it is charging.

Check for Software Updates

When experiencing charging issues with Bmani earbuds, it is essential to consider the possibility of outdated software.

To update the firmware, make sure that your device has a stable network connection, at least 30% battery, and that both earbuds have over 25% battery to complete the update successfully

Software updates often include bug fixes and improvements, which can potentially resolve charging problems. To check for software updates, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Bmani earbuds to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth.
  2. Visit the manufacturer’s official website or consult the user manual for instructions on how to check for software updates.
  3. Follow the prompts to download and install any available updates.

It is crucial to ensure that your Bmani earbuds have the latest software version to maintain optimal performance and prevent charging issues. 

Check the Faulty Battery:

If your Bmani earbuds are not charging, it might be due to a faulty battery. These earbuds come with a built-in battery that can degrade over time, leading to a diminished ability to hold a charge.

After attempting to reset the earbuds and updating the firmware without success, it’s worth considering the battery’s condition.

You can check the battery level on the charging case or on your connected device to assess if it’s stable or dropping rapidly.

If the battery level isn’t changing or is decreasing quickly, it’s likely that the battery is faulty. In such a scenario, reaching out to Bmani’s customer support for a potential replacement or repair is advisable.

Remember, Bmani typically offers a 1-year warranty on their products, including their earbuds. If your earbuds are still within this warranty period, you may be eligible for a no-cost replacement or repair.

To initiate a warranty claim, visit Bmani’s warranty page and follow the provided instructions.

Contact Bmani Customer Support

If the previous solutions have not resolved the charging issue with your Bmani earbuds, it is recommended to contact Bmani’s customer support.

Their team can provide assistance, guidance, and potential solutions to help resolve the charging problem.

To contact Bmani customer support, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Bmani website or contact them directly via their preferred communication channel, such as email (, phone ((781) 776-7816), or live chat.
  2. Describe the charging issue you are experiencing with your Bmani earbuds in detail.
  3. Provide any relevant information, such as the model number, software version, and steps you have already taken to troubleshoot the problem.
  4. Follow the customer support representative’s instructions and guidance to resolve the charging issue.

Remember to be patient and cooperate with the customer support representative to ensure the best possible outcome. By contacting Bmani customer support, you can access their expertise and resources to help diagnose and resolve the charging issue with your earbuds.


In summary, to fix Bmani earbuds not charging, you should:

  1. Clean the charging port and metal charging plates on both the earbuds and the charging case.
  2. Check for visible damage or loose connections in the charging port.
  3. Ensure the earbuds are powered off before charging.
  4. Reset the charging case.
  5. Try using an alternative charging cable or connecting directly to a power outlet.
  6. Contact Bmani customer support for further assistance.


Dealing with Bmani earbuds that won’t charge can be frustrating, but with a few simple fixes, you can often resolve the issue without much hassle.

By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this blog post, you can hopefully get your earbuds back up and running, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts once again. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bmani customer support for further assistance.

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